Next weekend at all masses, November 2nd and 3rd, I will be giving the annual financial report of our parish for the last fiscal year.  This will include the actual figures for last fiscal year; a detailed explanation of how the finances work in our parish; an explanation of diocesan priests’ salaries and the impact it will have on our parish finances; an explanation of archdiocesan oversight; an explanation of my own personal tithing; an examination of your own tithing practices; and a final short story about the generosity of God.  Timewise this will take longer than my regular Sunday homilies, but it is necessary to take time for a thorough presentation.  Also, I will be attending the annual priests’ retreat next week at the White House Retreat Center from Sunday evening November 3rd through Thursday, November 7th, then staying “up north” for a wedding in Troy on Saturday afternoon that week.  Please pray for us priests on retreat.  I will be back for the weekend masses November 9th and 10th.

God bless us all at St. Joseph!

Fr. Tom