“Nag…nag…nag!  Is that all you ever do?”  This quote is usually attributed to a husband with an overbearing wife who complains a lot.  This tactic is used by the widow in today’s gospel reading simply because it is the only weapon she had.  Remember that widows and orphans in biblical times had few, if any, legal rights especially in court.  Now if “her man” was still alive, she would have no problem getting a just judgment.  But as it is, she just pesters the judge to see things her way.  He gives in just to get rid of her.  Our Lord doesn’t need to be pestered, just adored and worshipped.  That’s all He asks.  He’ll see to it we get the help we need.  However, if we don’t adore and worship Him and try to do things by ourselves without Him, things may not turn out as well.  There’s no substitute for prayer and worship!

(A Halloween joke for kids:  A skeleton went into a Dairy Queen and ordered an ice cream cone and a mop!) Get it?