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Hi Everybody!

Allow me to ramble on a bit about something that really doesn’t have anything to do with religion or church things, but us priests sometimes have to do hospital visits and funerals for children because of some irresponsible choices made by adults. Accidents happen, that’s a fact, that’s why guardian angels are among us. But sooooo many can be avoided if proper forethought was given. I’ve spent all my years as a priest in rural communities except for a year and a half in North St. Louis County. Harvester (when it was rural), Dardenne Prairie, Washington, Farmington, Troy, and now here.

A few coincidences this week inspired this little rant: a “funny video” clip I saw on TV showed a very young child on a motorized go-kart turn it over and get thrown out; two days ago I saw an infant car seat mounted on an ATV (I couldn’t tell if there was a baby in it), the same day a parishioner told me about children riding on the fenders of tractors. I’ve seen it here and other parishes where young children are placed at the helm and controls of large, heavy equipment.

My point is that young children DO NOT BELONG there. The manual for my small tractor has pages and pages of safety and caution warnings to keep children off and away from the machine. An infant does not belong on an ATV, even in a car seat that is designed for passenger vehicles only. Now, I’ve heard all the stuff like “well, Father, this is the country, this is what we do; or, mind your own business; or, my kid can drive this (doesn’t mean they SHOULD); or, it’s OK, I’m right here.” I’ve heard it all before!

I remember telling a young couple, at a previous parish, who bought their children a “side by side” for Christmas that it was a mistake…one month later the older girl rolled it and broke her arm. A grade school boy ran over his father with a brush hog…thought the tractor was in neutral. The dad recover, thank God. A Farmington friend, holding his baby girl on a riding mower slipped out of his arms and fell underneath the real wheel. She recovered, too, thank God. A young girl rammed a golf cart into the back of a car getting ready for a church picnic. At the Lincoln County fair parade one year, a young girl fell off a float and died. I had her funeral. I’ve had five or six adult funerals resulting from farming accidents and visited more in the hospital. Those are tough enough, I don’t want to do that for a child! About 300 children die each year from farming accidents and another large number need some sort of amputation. Think about it!

No comments please…just some thought.

God Bless!
Fr. Tom

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This is why you don’t belong in this parish!!! Take your rude a** remarks and move on.

Goodbye sir!!! You do not belong in this parish! You are pushing some serious buttons

And this is why I am no longer a part of this parish. Absolutely maddening you feel the need to tell us how to parent our children and Live our lives. As a priest your job is supposed to help bring us closer to God and teach us His ways. And for many all you have done is push us away from our parish that we have been with for a lifetime. Your job here does NOT include TELLING US HOW TO RAISE OUR CHILDREN. If you don't agree with our farming community maybe it's time you find a church better suited for your needs.

I’m upset by this post. I am one of those kids who tagged along anytime we checked cows, doing daily chores and I have also spent many hours in the tractor cab. There are numerous pictures of my siblings & I strapped into a car seat on the 4- wheeler, but my parents made sure I was safe. As a farm kid you learn from a young age the safety of farm machinery. For example last night my 16 month old niece tagged along to go and check the cows. I loved hearing her moo & jabber the whole time. I can only hope that one day I raise my kids to be the next generation of farmers. I hope that Fr. Tom thinks about how much he has upset our parish especially since many generations of farmers built our parish.

Accidents are terrible, yes, that is why we teach our kids the safe way to operate machinery. So you are saying that kids should not learn the value of a hard days work, our kids do just as much on our farm as we do. Why don't you come spend the day with us and see if you can keep up with them. I guess you would prefer them sit in the house and watch tv and play video games all day. Kids make a farm a great place to be!!

WOW this is unbelievable! Most of this parish has been here 100 plus years with the whole family pour blood sweat and tears into the family farm and keeping it going and lots of this couldn’t be done without the kids and the life lessens that they learn is what makes them the great people they become.

Sad part is folks he won't read or see any of this. And further more if you go further and text him or call him about a matter he won't answer he ignores it. I know this one first hand.....

Wow 😮

Me watching the comments while my kids car seat is ratchet strapped to our side by side and my 12 year old cruises on his fourwheeler in the woods 🤷🏻‍♀️

I am personally one of those parents who had a car seat strapped to our 4-wheeler. When a child is born into a family, life doesn’t stop. That baby becomes part of the family, and if that happens to be a farming family, you have to find ways to make that work. When there’s work to be done outside, the baby goes with you. My kids have spent many hours strapped into a car seat mounted on the back of the 4-wheeler while we fixed fences, ear taggged baby calves, or just checking cows. To us, that is no different than having them strapped into their high chair while making dinner to keep them from getting burned by the stove. Please pray for the safety of all, not tell us that how we raise our kids is wrong!!!!

Matt ran the skid-steer for me when he was 10 years old. My 4 year old grandson rides with me on the riding lawnmower and likes to steer it he enjoys watching the grass getting cut. Ask him what he likes to do his comment is (I like working hard). I'm damn proud of his comment when we are living in a world now that we are breeding third generation people into sitting at home and give me my check. ......As I read some of the comments I see a bunch from our young families in our parish.you people are our future of Neier. I would ask you to be patient and just don't stop completely coming to church.I have 5 generations buried in the cemetery and I be damned if I will quit coming to my church because of ill feelings.i feel after today's post and comments that I hope things will begin to change at St.Joseph Neier.

Except for at the Neier picnic where you let kids drive around picking up trash in a ranger all day, drive them on a “mower” with barrels behind it for hours, let them direct traffic to park moving vehicles. Accidents can’t happen that day right? Not while people are pouring money into the church!? Oh. Got it!!

Proud of my farm family and my kids who continue to work so hard on our family farm. My oldest is 14 and has worked his entire summer hauling hay, brush hogging, tending to cattle and fences. He is a true asset and has learned the value of hard work at a very young age. He works harder than many adults waiting for their next government handout. If farm children are raised on the farm, safety is a part of every day operations. Accidents still happen, but every one in this world takes risks daily by driving in a car, along with many other things... smoking, drinking, traveling, etc. God knows our plans and our paths, we are only here for a short time, and most in this farm rich community need their kids to work the family farms to survive. We would welcome your help any time you want to drive a tractor or pitch some bales!!

I wish this was addressed differently for your sake Fr. Tom. Clearly if you have nerve to say it you’ve got a tough enough hide to take the chewing as well. Your concern is noted and taken into consideration so thanks for that. God gives some people children way too easily in my opinion because they are a huge responsibility and some people aren’t cut out for it. But for a lot of honest farm folk in this community our children mean the world to us and we look at them as a huge blessing from above. I’ve come to learn god loves his farmers and would not give them his children if he did not fully entrust them to raise them and turn them into the next generation of farmers. Yes farming is dangerous. There are risks. Just know that we try our hardest to ensure their safety. On Sunday you described yourself as a Shepard of souls in your sermon. I myself am a Shepard to my herd of cattle. Now when they calve and have their babies I step in to ensure that the babies are healthy and to examine them for just a few moments. After that I step away and watch from afar as the calf grows. As a good Shepard does, I tend to my flock but I do not go out there daily or weekly or monthly for that matter and nitpick the whole herd. Lord knows any bossy momma will get tired of you messing with her baby and run you off. Now as far as my child’s safety goes lord knows I can only do so much. So that is why I come to church and ask you and him to constantly pray and watch over me and my family. As well as all the other hard working families out there trying to make it. So just stop the posts you know will turn people away and get people back to church so they can rest easy for another week hoping their family is in your prayers as well as our lords.

Joshua Briggs Michaela Briggs


THIS is what family farms are made of!! Without the help of our children, how would family farms ever make it? It’s obvious, you don’t know/care. And to blatantly put something in this post that happened to a wonderful family IN our parish, is absolutely sickening!!

It is so sad to see this post especially for the younger generation. To hear our pastor who is supposed to be a leader in our community, with such strong opinions against the way we were raised. It is just heartbreaking, maybe try preaching less and making more of a difference by actions! Cutting the parishes grass instead of young children cutting the grass would maybe probably be a good start. With theses "(doesn't mean they SHOULD)" feelings. This community is so strong, hard-working, and well-rounded because of the way we were all raised! We sincerely thank you for your very strong opinion.... we deserve and need a strong leader someone who sees the values of the community.

Here is an excellent story from a farmer and why he chooses to include his child .... couldn't agree more. It is hard some times to make them apart of the operations, but the gains and returns are so worth it www.facebook.com/1742084202718737/posts/2561062194154263/

Also to post this and say “no comments please”. 😂😂😂. This is exactly what you wanted and you have no idea what you have started.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you is all I can say.

I'm not a member of this church but wow! I have lived out here for over 25 years now and before that I lived in a rural town. This makes my heart so sad to read what his thoughts and opinions. I know so many good hearted, hard working people and the majority of those people were raised on a farm or are still working their family farm. I have so much respect for the farmers and their families. God bless you all and thank you for all that you do!

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Sarah will be out of the office Monday, July 26 - Friday, July 30. ...

Message from Fr Tom - June 15, 2021

Hi everybody! Remember I will be on vacation from Sunday afternoon, June 20th through the morning of June 26th. I WILL be here for the weekend masses on June 26/27 and then go again from Sunday afternoon, June 27th, through morning of July 3rd. I will be spending some time camping and at my cabin. Again, remember that Bishop Mark Rivituso will celebrate the 5pm mass this Saturday, June 19th.

Last week I saw a TV ad promoting June as gay pride month. I wasn’t aware of it. So I figured this would be a great time to reaffirm the beauty of marriage and its natural expression of love between a man and a woman resulting in the procreation of children enriching the Church and continuing God’s plan of creation. God created human beings male and female in gender to complement each other with a natural attraction and affection. Within the proper sacramental, married life, husbands and wives unite with one another with a sacred physicality for which they were both designed and created. The result, God willing, is children. Church teaching tells us that acts of a sexual nature are to be “unitive and procreative.” In other words, they must be acts of unselfish love along with being open to conception. It is truly a shame that our social climate along with many TV ads for “enhancement products” have reduced sex from its beautiful, natural, and sacred action to being nothing more than pleasure and “performance.” This is not what God intended and He is the One who designed males and females! “While there is a significant number of people with deep-seated homosexual tendencies, the inclination is objectively disordered, and for most of them it is a trial. They must be treated with respect and sensitivity. But, the Church’s teaching has always been that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered, contrary to natural law. They close sex to the gift of life and under no circumstances can they be approved.” (Taken from Catechism of the Catholic Church #2357, 2358) Pray for married couples this month especially, that they enjoy the gift and creative power of their sexuality the way God intended.
Finally, remember the first weekend in July is when the dispensation from the Sunday obligation to attend mass will be lifted. Hope to have a full church!

Have a great day and God bless you.
Fr. Tom

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Happy Pride 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

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