From Fr. Tom,
It is important to know when we hear our readings today that widows in biblical times were not wealthy people, on the contrary, they were among the poorest of the poor because a woman’s “net worth” in those days was tied directly to her husband. If her husband died, most his possessions were left to others and not to his wife. Both the poor widows in our readings trusted in God enough to give out of the little they had, and things worked out well for them. Ever wonder just how blessed we are? Have we counted our blessings lately? How generous have we been lately with our money, our time, our abilities? Have we shown God appreciation by being generous to others and His church? God promises us much more in return if we give generously, do we believe that? These are the questions we need to ponder as we hear about these two poor widows.

This week, I will be on retreat with some of my brother priests starting Sunday evening, November 7th and will return about noon on Saturday, November 13th. Please pray for us as we reflect, pray, and worship together. Last year’s retreat was canceled because of Covid, so we are really looking forward to this year!