From Fr. Tom,
Our church, like most old churches, has beautiful stained glass windows depicting biblical scenes. I read somewhere that one of the purposes of stained glass windows was to help teach the people about special moments in the life of Christ, Mary, and significant moments in scripture. Imagine the artist making the windows way back then. I’ll bet their work was holy and prayerful as they constantly looked at the sacred images that would slowly come into view! Now, imagine God watching us today as we grow in our faith. Each human person as a piece of beautiful glass being placed by His hands (if we let Him) to form a gorgeous picture of faith, hope, and love. All the pieces in a stained glass window are held in place by a bead of soft lead carefully joining the edges while still allowing the color to shine through. It is the grace of God that holds us together (again, if we let Him) creating a beautiful, holy scene. When others look at the way we live, are they able to see the beauty of God? Let’s hope so. And maybe, they will want to be a part of it…evangelization!