From Fr. Tom,
“In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.” The Trinity, one God in three persons, is one of the basic doctrinal truths that exist in our faith. In the bible, there are references obviously to God as “Father, Abba,” and references to the Son, and as we heard last week at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit. Historically, the Trinity was not an official part of our Catholic Christian doctrine until the late fourth century. The ancient Greeks had beliefs that their gods and goddesses ruled over various aspects of creation and earthly life, but they were not lovingly involved in the daily lives of humans like God himself is with us. Let’s pay special attention to the Gospel today when Jesus tells his disciples about their duty as messengers of God’s word. They are to be public spreaders and teachers of the Word. They are gone now, so Jesus’ words to them now must fall to us, without exception.