From Fr. Tom,
Connectivity is essential for internet and computer function in modern times. It is often in our parish office here at St. Joe, that connectivity is a problem and some things must be delayed until the internet is up and running again. When we meet strangers and talk for a while, we may discover some “connection” with them and it makes for a more pleasant conversation. Sometimes, it even results in folks being related to each other, unbeknownst to either party! When we discover some connectivity with others, our relationship deepens and we begin to care about them more. Jesus’ discourse about the vine and the branches explains this perfectly about our connection and dependence upon God. Simply put, if we are cut off from God, we die. It we stay connected to Him, we live. Not only that, but if we stay connected, we will bear much fruit! May all the “branches” of our parish stay connected to the Vine. May we also be one beautiful and thriving Vine!