Greetings, everybody!
I know the Archbishop still has the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass in place, but I personally think we could see more people in church. There are, of course, the older folks and those who have other health conditions who should not come, but there are a lot of otherwise healthy people who aren’t showing up. Last Sunday at the 10am mass, I think we had 11 people in church. It appears that some people are taking advantage of the dispensation and simply not coming to Mass. Other parishes are experiencing similar trends. Let’s be better here at St. Joseph!

Give it some serious prayerful consideration and ask ourselves as we go out to restaurants, stores, and other public places a little more than before, couldn’t we come to church, too? We have all the “social distancing” marked in church and the people who do come clean their spaces with disinfectant before they leave.

ALSO, thanks to all who have kept up their tithing during the last few months, it really helps! Finally, we will be trying to set a firm date for our Confirmation celebration. I know many of you have been asking about this. When we do set a date, I have to inform the Archbishop when that is so the proper permission can be granted. Keep in mind the proper minister for Confirmation is a bishop, but as I explained before, circumstances require the church to do it this way. Thank you for your time and consideration and may God bless us all.
Peace! Fr. Tom