Hello everyone!

Since the changes in our grounds keeping and upkeep, many people have come forward to help out and with great results! I am hoping to receive a third bid on mowing our parish grounds and cemetery soon. When I get that, I will meet with our Finance and Parish Council reps to discuss the direction we should go. I am open to suggestions. Some parishes have volunteers mow and the parish reimburses them for fuel. Other parishes have a couple “teams” that switch on and off. Some parishes like ours that maintain a cemetery contract it out separately and have volunteers mow the rest of the property. I think we can do any one of these or a combination. A final decision is still a couple weeks away, so if anyone can help in the meantime, that would be great!
As far as the upkeep on our church interior, many hands make light work…My sister, Connie, helps with other folks clean their parish church, and I know other parishes have groups and teams called “Heavenly Dusters” that vacuum, dust, and general cleaning. Maybe we could have something like that.

Now, regarding the more “mechanical” items such as HVAC, filters, electricity, gas, water wells, septic systems, etc., I think if we had one dedicated, knowledgeable person come in a few hours a week to inspect and maintain our mechanical systems in the hall, church, and rectory, and be especially present during the more busy times such as our Homecoming, Dinner Auction, and Shooting Matches that would be sufficient to keep things operating well. I have personally asked five parishioners to help with this part of our operation, but none were able to commit. Again, I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks to all who mowed and trimmed last week. Great job!

Also, our parish hall was used last week as an official polling place. Thanks to those who straightened up and cleaned the hall before the voters came! Well done!
Lastly, on Saturday, June 13th, we will celebrate a 10am Mass with our First Communicants. This is always something I look forward to! Pray for them as they receive Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar for the very first time. The congregation, however, will be limited to the children and their parents due to social distance regulations. Congratulations, children!

With thanks!

Fr. Tom