From Fr Tom,
This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, formerly known as Corpus Christ Sunday. We will also celebrate First Holy Communion on Saturday, the perfect weekend to do this! 10 of our youngsters will receive Holy Communion for the very first time and I am looking forward to it. Try to recall your own first communion…how long ago was it…were you nervous…what did it mean to you then? I tell the children the small host we receive doesn’t look like much or tastes that good, but it is gourmet food for our souls. There is nothing more nourishing for our spiritual lives than Jesus Christ Himself! Transubstantiation is a long word that defines what we believe as Catholics about Holy Communion becoming the REAL body and blood of Jesus (not just a sign!) Some other faiths, if they have communion, believe that Jesus is present along WITH the bread and wine…this is called consubstantiation. This is not our belief. The Real Presence of Christ in central to our faith. The next time we receive Communion, perhaps we can consider more deeply who it is we are receiving.

God bless you!