From Fr. Tom,
Imagine a custom home builder, skilled in his trade, being handed a set of drawings and plans for an exquisite home that is well designed in functionality as well as aesthetically. The builder, however, has other ideas about the home and makes some modifications on his own and constructs the house which, in the end, has little resemblance to the original plans. The home owner will not be happy. God’s plans for His kingdom include things like the commandments, the beatitudes, reliance on the Holy Spirit and grace, giving God due worship, loving our neighbor, faith, hope, charity, and all those nice sayings we see on banners and tee shirts. How are we doing at following these plans? I’ll bet we do pretty well at some, but fail with others. Do we make our own “adjustments,” and rationalize them later? Do we disregard some of the plans thinking they are not important (sin of presumption)? The mystery of the kingdom of God is for Him to know fully, and for us to work toward. If we do our part in the here-and-now, the kingdom waiting for us will be as glorious as we can imagine…and then some!