From your Pastor

Since I will be away for New Year’s Day, I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a blessed New Year! Wow, 2019 already! I pray that the grace of God will be lavished upon all the families of our parish and that as a parish family we will grow more fully as the Body of Christ in our acts of kindness and charity to others.

Second, and most importantly, I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who gave their time and expertise to make our celebration of Christmas such a blessed event. Thanks to everyone who helped set up the Christmas trees on the Friday before Christmas as well as to Amie Kohlbusch and her crew who spent several hours in the morning and afternoon of December 23rd decorating the church. The new arrangements on the pillars of the church are a great addition to our decorations and they really add to the splendor of our worship space. A big thank you to our organists and cantors, especially to our new instrumentalists Carlee Bocklage, Rachel DeVore, and Jim Block. Thanks to our servers who did an excellent job assisting in the liturgy – well done! Finally, a sincere appreciation to all of the children in the Midnight Mass procession as well as to their teachers who assisted them and Mary Fink who led the effort. As you can see, everything that looked so beautiful and proceeded so smoothly earlier this week was the work of a bunch of generous and dedicated parishioners – be sure to thank them when you have the opportunity. Thank you all so much!

Third, owing to the justifiable pride we have in the beauty of our church, the St. Joseph’s Ladies Sodality has ensured that our name was added to the list of churches participating in the annual church tour on January 1st. Members of the Ladies Sodality will host the visitors to our parish from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., sharing information about our parish, and most certainly basking in the glow of their appreciation of the treasure that is our parish church. A flyer is located in the vestibule containing the list of all the churches participating in the event.

And finally, don’t forget to sign up for the Second Annual Cajun Trivia Night to be held on Saturday, January 19th. Last year’s event was a huge success! Amazing food is included in the price of admission – reservations are now being taken – hope to see you there!

Have a blessed Christmas week!