Well, Homecoming is finally here!  These are great celebrations for a number of reasons.  1.  People are in a good mood. 2.  People see others they don’t see regularly.  3.  There is something for everybody, especially the food!  4.  God is watching His people having fun on church property.  5.  Hopefully, the parish makes a few dollars.  6.  The people in charge get to see the fruits of their labors.  7.  The pastor just has to walk around and mingle, eat, mingle some more, and probably eat some more.  8.  We get to “show off” our parish to our guests.  How many more can you think of?  A LOT of people have put in and WILL put in a LOT of hours to get ready for this day, and we thank them all!!

Have a terrific time and God bless St. Joseph Parish, Neier.