From Fr. Tom,

Today’s Gospel reading about whether or not to pay the census tax to Caesar almost always sparks lively discussion about the separation of church and state. One of the biggest mistakes is the confusion between freedom OF religion with freedom FROM religion. The most accurate definition of religion itself is a “public organized response to God’s love in faith.” Many historians are already defining this present age as the “post-Christian” era. In other words, much of the world will contend that the church, its faith, its members, and the whole organization is irrelevant in today’s world. For people of faith, however, this is exactly why we, more than ever, must step up to the plate with a lively faith and firmly believe God is with us! Think of all the schools, hospitals, and charities Catholics have instituted throughout the ages. How can these be separated from the state and be called “irrelevant?” God bless everyone!