From Fr. Tom,

I think I’ve mentioned before that I like it when Holy Days of Obligation (HDO’s) fall on a Sunday because when they fall on a weekday, not many people come to celebrate them. Today we celebrate All Saints Day on a Sunday! Any book written on the lives of the saints would be great spiritual reading. No matter who we are or what situation we may find ourselves in, there is a saint we can relate to and ask for God’s help on their behalf. The communion of saints include the old, young, male, female, royalty, commoners, martyrs, nuns, priests, bishops, popes, soldiers, geniuses, the simple-minded, teachers, parents, farmers, business people, physicians, writers, preachers, and so on. The common threads that weave this fabulous group of people together can be found in today’s Gospel, the Beatitudes. Where in our everyday lives can we live the Beatitudes a little deeper?