Hello everybody.

We’ve got our internet connection problem solved, at least for now!  The Archbishop has relaxed some of the distancing guidelines for church attendance beginning on June 22nd:  Those who want to receive Communion on the tongue will be able to do so, but still from the celebrant only; the church attendance capacity is now extended to 50%, which is not going to present any problems for us; worshippers still must wear a mask as they come into church, but may remove them during Mass; our method of wiping down the pews has been going well so there’s no need to change anything there.  That’s where we are right now, folks, and thanks for your cooperation.

On the topic of our parish lawn care, we finally have three bids.  I will meet with some members of the Finance and Parish Council Thursday evening to discuss a game plan for this along with other items such as tree trimming over the church and a possible one (maybe two) day a week maintenance person.  Many thanks to those who have taken care of things thus far.

Also, a HUGE THANKS go to our Wednesday evening quilters who have agreed to do their quilting on Thursday evenings starting after Labor Day this year to accommodate our new PSR Wednesday night schedule.  This frees up that large room for our students with no distractions and no overlap in time.  Thank you, ladies, this helps a lot!

We had a beautiful and joyous First Holy Communion celebration last Saturday with 10 of our children and their parents!  Thanks to Sarah Johnson for live streaming this for us and to Wright Photography for their professional job with the pictures.

Now for our Confirmation celebration:  My thought is to celebrate Confirmation sometime during the first two weeks of August, we can do this with a weekend liturgy or on a weeknight.  Hopefully, folks will be done with vacation plans, and those confirmed will have this special sacrament fresh in their minds as they start school.

A while ago, Homecoming Chair, Paige Hammer, and I spoke about any changes in Homecoming planning.  We decided to go ahead with things just like normal until we hear of mandated changes, cancellations, etc…Hopefully, things will go as usual.

Our tuck pointing project still moves forward.  The workers have removed the pipe that was bolted to the north side of the church that used to hold tarps for Homecoming booths.  It hasn’t been used in years, so we decided while they have their lifts there, to take it down.

Finally, with all the protests, marches and whatnot going on today, it’s easy to find ourselves taking sides or promoting a certain agenda on things, but let’s not forget the only thing that stays constant through all this is God and His Word!  The media people have their agenda, politicians have theirs, and protesters have theirs, let ours be living a life of joy with a true sense of calm that can only be found in Christ.

Okay, I think that’s about it.  Thank you for all you do at St. Joseph.  Peace to all!

Fr. Tom