From Fr. Tom,
God has revealed Himself as a Trinity of three person, equal in majesty, to be worshipped and adored by the faithful. His creation is masterful and beautiful. We are wonderfully made in His image and likeness. The Son became fully human in the person of Jesus to save us from our sins and show us the way to the Father. The Holy Spirit continues God’s presence in our world today, never to leave us or abandon us on our journey. That, in a nutshell, is the theology of the Most Holy Trinity. It is the basis for our Trinitarian belief and, hopefully, the primary reason why we should take great joy in being human with the capacity to know God! The most common invocation and affirmation of the Trinity is the sign of the cross. Many saints have tried to give analogies of the Trinity as it still remains a mystery. The best thing we can do is simply acknowledge Father, Son, and Spirit as they are and enjoy the fact that we are God’s favorites.