Pastor’s Pen,

Do you ever think God gets tired of all the prayers that come His way?  Do you ever think that God just wants to say, “SHUT UP and listen for a change!”  It’s like the little child blurting out repeatedly, “hey mom…hey mom…hey mom…”  When I get frustrated sometimes, I try to find a crucifix, look at it, raise my hands in the air and say, “Lord, I don’t ask for much, help me out.”  (I really DO ask for a lot, however)  The Gospel story today puts Jesus’ friend Mary in a position of listening and being open to what Jesus has to say.  It’s not that Martha is bad or anything, but Jesus’ words are far more important than any household task.  How about us?  Anything getting in the way or taking up too much time preventing us from considering the really important things?  What are we worrying about?