From Fr. Tom,

What a great Homecoming Picnic we had last week!  Thanks and congratulations to all who worked, set up, tore down, cooked food, baked desserts, clean up trash, ran the booths, served meals and drinks, bused tables, counted money, practiced great hospitality, ran the raffles, fixed things, and just did what had to be done…very nicely done, folks!  This was my first picnic at St. Joseph and I had a ball with everything.  Many of my former parishioners and family members also attended and stayed much longer than they had originally planned because they enjoyed it so much. VERY LARGE AND SPECIAL THANKS go to Lisa & Don Bocklage and Paige & Ben Hammer, this year’s Chairpersons, and their families who took the reins and worked hard for a long time to see to it that things ran as smoothly as possible…great job ladies & guys!  Thanks be to God for such pleasant weather to enjoy things…can’t forget about that.

This coming week I will be away from the parish from Sunday afternoon until sometime(???) Thursday afternoon, so we will not have morning Mass those days.  I will be back for Friday morning Mass.  Just taking some time at the cabin getting a few things done leftover from summer and sleeping in a few days.  On that note, I normally don’t take any big, long vacations or fly anywhere…my friend Fr. John Seper and I used to take extended motorcycle trips during the summer but since we both retired from our bikes, I just like to take a few days here and there, and that seems to provide enough away time for me.  Thank you and I’ll see you Thursday.