Ever notice how much faith you have in others when you are driving?  You are driving on a two lane road, 55 miles per hour, and you see another car coming toward you in the opposite direction in their lane where they are supposed to be.  Then you pass each other without incident.  No big deal, right?  The faith you have in that other driver NOT to come over into your lane is pretty significant, because if that happened, the results would be catastrophic.  One of the largest mistakes we make as God’s people is to take His power for granted.  Many times He is our “last resort” when He should be the first.  St. Augustine teaches us to “love God first, then do what you will.”  Also, my dear folks, let’s watch the gossip, the little attacks (public and private), the barbed remarks about others, and so on.  These are hurtful and always sinful.  We’re a church.  If you don’t take part in this stuff, praise God!  If you do, stop it and start acting like people God loves.  Nuff said.