From Fr. Tom,
Our new liturgical year begins with this First Sunday of Advent. As usual, our church shifts the focus of our readings to a different evangelist in a cycle of three years. This is Year “C” with the emphasis being placed on Luke’s Gospel for the rest of the liturgical year. Most of our Sunday Gospel readings will be taken from Luke. It seems right off the bat in today’s readings that we are being told to prepare ourselves for the final judgment days, just like the previous two weeks. Year after year merchants waste no time putting up Christmas decorations trying to get customers shopping as soon as possible and spending as much as possible. The media has been squawking for weeks now about shortages in gifts, delays in shipping, backorders, etc… Instilling fear is always a good marketing strategy to promote buying. It also seems to be a good strategy for preparing for the end of time. Re-read today’s readings and prepare with joy for the coming of the Lord! “Merry Christmas” is better than “happy holidays.”