From Fr. Tom,
The Feast of Ascension Thursday, which was last week, is transferred to the following Sunday in most dioceses around the country, including ours. So this weekend we use the readings and proper Mass prayers for the Ascension. Some Catholic faithful see this as confusing or just “not right” but, personally I like it because more people come to church on the weekends than make an effort to come on a weekday, even though it is a Holy Day of Obligation. More people get to celebrate this actual event and, in the process, be reminded that Jesus is in heaven and that heaven actually exists! You’d be surprised how many people don’t believe in heaven. We are also reminded that He left us the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, to guide us still. These two great spiritual and real life facts must be recalled and celebrated. This weekend is also Memorial Day weekend. Let’s remember in our prayers those who fought and died for our great country. Without their service and dedication, we don’t have the freedoms and liberties we so often take for granted. God bless those who have given their all for the United States of America.

Finally, thanks to all for being cooperative and patient as we ease back into our normal Mass schedules. We will continue to live stream Mass on Saturday evenings, thanks to Sarah and Kelly. Thanks, too, for those keeping up with tithing. It is much needed.