From Fr. Tom,

Well, that about covers it! The Ten Commandments teach humanity the basics of a decent moral life serving God first and His people second. St. Augustine once said, “Love God truly, then do what you will.” How true that is. The first three commandments say the same thing about having God be number one in our lives, and if we really live those out, then the remaining seven will fall into place. During Lent, especially, the commandments can serve as an excellent examination of conscience before receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation. Sometimes, though, we fall into rationalization, that is, knowing we committed a sin, but then finding a reason why we did it that somehow lessens the severity of the sin. DON’T fall into rationalization! Owning our faults and sin is a large part of spiritual healing. Sins are like weeds in a neat garden, we have to keep up with the weed pulling to have a decent garden (life.)