From Fr. Tom,
“Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” Our family never missed church on Sunday and I remember when I was a kid going to Mass on Palm Sunday, we would join in the words of the crowd during the L_O_N_G_E_S_T gospel of the year, the Passion. But, I would never say the words, “Crucify Him!” because I thought I was being bad by agreeing to crucify Jesus. I learned soon afterward that the death of Jesus, cruel as it was, was done for me and for the forgiveness of the rotten things I’ve done. If every one of us took a close look at our past, especially our mistakes, we would be more likely to look at the cross with Jesus on it, and say “THANK YOU” along with the words, “Crucify Him!” If you remember last year during our COVID restricted Good Friday service live-streamed on Facebook, I played a recording of the song: “Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?” by Rod Stewart. A well-arranged beautiful rendition of that song, take a listen to it again while holding a crucifix gently in your hands and imagine yourself being there when Jesus passes by on the road to Calvary. Tears of gratitude may come…May God bless all of us as we begin
Holy Week!