From Fr. Tom,

“I am troubled now,” says Jesus in today’s Gospel account. This is not the smiling, attractive, joyful Jesus we are accustomed to. Jesus is sad, perhaps even scared at this time in His life. Maybe, He’s a bit angry as well. But here’s the thing, Jesus knows what’s on the other side of His suffering, namely, the salvation of mankind. No small thing! Being fully human, Jesus anticipates and fears what is coming, but divinely He knows what it all means. I don’t know how many people I’ve heard saying, “I wish all this virus stuff was over and done with so we can get back to our normal lives!” Me too. Maybe we can take all of our worries and concerns and walk with Jesus while He carries His cross, literally and figuratively. The “Stations of the Cross” prayer is given to us just for that reason. Other than Mass, for me the “Stations of the Cross” is my favorite Catholic “thing,” because we not only get grace from the prayers as it is a Sacramental of the Church, but it also provides the step-by-step journey of Jesus on the way to Calvary and there is usually something in my life that I can plug into that walk making it my own. Afterwards, I feel relieved, in a way, because of the salvation that results. We’ve been praying the “Stations” every Friday night in church during Lent. Maybe you can come this Friday and pray the “Stations” for the last time this Lent and give your cares to Christ.