First, now that our expert groundskeeper and maintenance wizard Rich Birke is back in the saddle (or at least mostly back in the saddle), I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who so generously gave of their time to manage our grounds this spring. We were blessed with the assistance of Carl and Judy Brueggemann, Dale and Susie Boschert, Troy, Todd, and Dianne Wildhaber, Tom Cronin, Travis Kamper, Dale and Jennifer Kissinger and Donald Dierking. Thank you all so very much for your help with our little crisis; I love seeing our parish church and grounds look as good as possible and your assistance was very much appreciated! Last, but not least, a big thank you to Bonnie Birke for nursing Rich back to health and getting him out of the house as soon as possible!! Lots of time out of purgatory for youJ…

Thanks as well to Gerry Donner for her selfless generosity in keeping the church cleaned each week, to the Ladies Sodality for the church’s spring cleaning, and to Ellen Birke for single-handedly taking over the cleaning of the hall. Your willingness to undertake these tasks kept us up and running and I am sincerely grateful.

Just a few more items:

  • Thanks to Jim Block for coming at a moment’s notice to do general maintenance and lawn mower towing as needed.
  • Thanks to Bob Calkins for building brand-new lattice work used in our hall for weddings and partitioning off Mrs. Fink’s classroom space – I was waiting for someone to take on that project and Bob did!
  • Thanks to Lester Swoboda and Rich Birke for installing our latest statue addition, St. Jude the Apostle, donated by Ed Freise in honor of his father Urban Freise
  • Finally, Let me say how even more grateful I am to Rich Birke for all that he does for our parish. It took all of those listed above to manage what he cheerfully does each week. If you have the chance to thank him, please do.

Have a blessed Sunday!