From Fr Tom,
How may I help you? What can I do for you today? What can I get you? How may I be of service? These and other similar questions are standard “first words” we hear when we call or visit a business. One of the most romantic things a wife or husband can do for their spouse is to sincerely ask one of these questions the first thing in the morning. The virtue of thinking about others must be taught and learned, the earlier in life the better. This virtue grows into another virtue called gratitude and the cycle repeats. Selfish people are entitled people and the words “thank you” seldom come out of their mouths. Elisha in our first reading is rewarded with room and board for his sincere concern for the woman at Shunen, then he rewards her and her husband with the promise of a son from God. Jesus promises rewards to those who receive righteous men for His name sake, and to those who give the proverbial “cup of water” to these “little ones.” Consider Jesus, others, and what we can do for them. Then wait for the blessings!