From Fr. Tom,
The thirteenth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel is filled with parables. Last week we heard about the sower and the seed and this week we hear more stories about weeds and seeds. Jesus is, indeed, the Master Teacher! He takes familiar notions, expands the ideas, then makes direct comparisons to real life. Simple and effective. The listeners, if they are paying attention, will learn a valuable lesson about themselves. Along with the coronavirus in our world today, there is another virus ramping up that is damaging to our souls, the virus that is the judgement of others, especially with all we see and hear in the media today. I’ll admit, I have been guilty of this myself many times…we all have! But that doesn’t make it right. One writer says, “…this type of “virus” cultivates disunity and fractures the communion to which Christ has called us.” The weeds and the wheat are growing together. Let’s be reminded, however, that we are NOT the harvesters!

God bless you.