From Fr. Tom,

It’s been said that one of the most dangerous jobs in the world is that of a commercial fisherman because of the incredibly harsh working conditions. Law enforcement, too, is not the safest of jobs because of the obvious situations of meeting people at their worst. Why would anyone choose these ways of life, we might ask. Why does anybody do what they do? Some people have jobs they love, the money is of lesser importance. Other folks make really good money in jobs they don’t like. Still other people work simply because it needs to be done. Can you imagine just quitting your job (with nothing to take its place) only because someone told you to do it? Simon, Andrew, James, and John did exactly that! God’s call to serve can be blunt and “in your face” like the prophet Jonah’s and these four men, but it can also be subtle, kind of like a holy nudge. Wait for it.