A big thank-you to everyone who helped return our church to Ordinary-Time normal after a beautiful Christmas Season. I am so grateful that, no matter what, there are always a good number of people willing to do the big and little things that make our parish work so well. In this case, all those individuals and families and children who braved the weather and tackled the much less enjoyable task of taking down Christmas decorations have my sincere appreciation – that darned tinsel gets everywhereJ Thank you again!

In other news, the parish office renovation is nearing completion. The project, begun back in the middle of June last year, was a pretty major undertaking that started with gutting the entire space. The renovation work itself included refinishing the wood floor, framing out, insulating, drywalling, and painting the walls and ceiling, rewiring the receptacles and adding new lighting and cabinetry to the space. Currently, some of the final trim work is being completed for the windows and sills. There’s probably a little more that will need to be done regarding the acquisition of office furniture, but that will be taken care of as time and funding permits. A big thank-you to everyone on the renovation committee, to everyone who contributed financially, and to the individuals who donated their time and labor to achieve such a beautiful result. When everything is completed, there will likely be an open-house scheduled so that everyone can have the opportunity to see what’s been accomplished. I, for one, will be glad to have the rectory back to normal!

A blessed beginning to Ordinary Time to you all!