From Fr. Tom,

Could it get any worse? There is no hope of even having hope.Total despair, woe is me! These are the sentiments of Job in our first reading this week. Some people think it is no coincidence that Job and “job” are spelled the same. Everyone has nights when we can’t sleep or even doze off, then the alarm sounds and makes us mad because we have to start all over again. Why is this happening to me, what did I do to deserve this? C’mon Lord, give be a break! We’ve all been there, maybe we’re still there. Job doesn’t blame God for his troubles, but he sure lets Him know about it. Even with all his misfortunes, Job doesn’t cut off his relationship with God. I’ve known many people who have had tragedy in their lives and have stopped going to church as a sort of punishment for God. Let Job remind us today that in times of turmoil and tragedy is when we need God the most. Turn toward Him, not away from Him.